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Further Information on Rhodec International Interior Design School

No previous training is required as all interior design course subjects are taught from the basics and we assume that each student is a beginner.

You work in your own time As you're not required to attend classes, you can study anywhere and at any time. This the great flexibility of distance-learning education.

If you require assistance in deciding which interior design course to study, or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. First, though, see if our FAQ helps.

As there are no term/semester times, it's possible for you to enrol and commence work at any time of year and avail yourself of the services of our administrative and tutorial staff, all of whom are available directly by email.

For some independent opinions of our interior design courses, see some of our press cuttings, a few examples of what our students tell us, or what our graduate survey revealed. You may also like to see details of the professional bodies that recognize us.

The Making of an Interior Designer...

Numerous socio-economic influences have meant that flexible open and distance learning modes of study are continually gaining in popularity. More and more people, who did not or could not attend traditional college, find that they want or need to gain qualifications for self-improvement or to further their careers. Technological advances have meant that information is much more readily available than it has ever been. Nevertheless it is easy to feel awash in this sea of information, and it is therefore the job of the trained expert in a particular field to help the willing student gather the relevant facts and to filter out the superfluous. It is ideal, therefore, when a student can be guided by a tutor who will personally help him or her to a qualification. In this ideal situation, then, it can be seen how distance learning is playing a bigger part in the education of students today. One student receives personal guidance from one tutor for each subject taken. Furthermore, the pace is set by the student and a lesson can't be missed by non-attendance.

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There's nothing complicated about our instruction manuals These have been written in clear, concise English by qualified professionals and are supported by first-class illustrations. You soon become absorbed, and in that state - learn!

Enrolment and Assignments

When you enrol your first interior design course study materials are immediately made available for download. Following your enrolment, each submitted assignment is promptly assessed, with instant email notification of your grade and comments.

Before proceeding from one lesson to the next you submit to your Rhodec tutor answers to various assignments relating to what you have just learned. These will be duly assessed with helpful comments and a project grade. You will know what progress you are making, and thereby gain a thorough grounding in the subject. While a Test Paper is being graded, you can read the next lesson, or undertake revision. Remember - the pace is up to you!

The assessment of your tests To ensure that you experience minimal delays with your studies, we have developed an extremely efficient administrative system. All your inquiries made to the college are, whenever possible, replied to the same day by phone or email.

The Use of Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

In order to encourage our Diploma students to become familiar with this important design tool, we offer the option to submit CAD-rendered drawings in answer to all assignments subsequent to completion of the Drafting subject, including the Final Test itself. Students who do not take up this option will not be penalized in any way.

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