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Educational Objectives

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Rhodec International Online Interior Decoration Course - Educational Objectives

The educational objective of the Interior Decorator Course is to give the student an introduction to the subject of interior design, sufficient to allow him or her to consider taking on small commissions or to advise friends and family. The course is designed to prepare for a career in interior decorating for those not interested in the more technical side of design. It also acts as a "tester" for people who are not sure about their commitment to the subject and who are therefore reluctant to enrol directly on the full Diploma Course. The stimulation this course provides has led to quite a high percentage of successful students taking advantage of the option to continue to the Diploma Course.

On completion of the Rhodec Interior Decorator Course each student will be able independently to:

  • have developed a personal philosophy towards interior decorating and an individual approach to its conduct;
  • progress a project from inception to completion;

  • research into the nature of problems and devise strategies for their solution;
  • have developed visual sensibilities in the use of proportion, form, colour and texture that will enable the manipulation of these elements knowingly and creatively;
  • have developed an understanding of the factors governing the selection of interior domestic furniture and fittings; and be able to apply them in the decorating and basic design of interiors;
  • have gained an understanding of the implications of being an interior decorator and the relationship of that profession to the many others engaged in the realization of the built environment;
  • have developed their aesthetic judgment and conceptual and communication skills in the context of set interior design projects;
  • have gained an understanding of the essentials of professional practice.

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